My name is Darien. I'm a photographer from Ohio.

I created Redmoon Footmodeling in 2014 as part of a charity event. At the time it didn't have a name and it wasn't meant to

be modeling. It was supposed to be a one-time thing for a shoe company challenge that dares people to spend a day barefoot doing their usual routine and upload a photos of themselves doing so to Instagram.

Each person who participated helped needy children from a certain country get a donation of shoes. 

I happened to be with two of my friends who were already barefoot walking around on a beach. So I snapped photos of their feet using a Nikon point-and-shoot camera.

I uploaded them to my Instagram which was just my personal account and next thing you know I start getting hundreds of followers overnight. 

I got a DM from a lady who worked for that shoe company encouraging me to find more people to participate. And over the next few days I got more of my 

female friends to do it too. I was gaining a ton of new followers. People thinking I was actually a foot fetish photographer I supposed. 

The truth is I have always loved women's feet. My family says it goes back as early as two years old. As I got older it got awkward.

It was hard expressing to girls I dated that I liked feet because they thought it was freaky back then. Some liked it of course but others thought it 

was strange. The strangest part was that it wasn't ever a sexual attraction. It was just something I liked about women above all else.  

I never considered it an actual fetish. Reason being by definition a foot-fetish is a sexual attraction to feet. I never felt like that fit me.

How could a two-year-old have a sexual attraction to anything right? I just explained it away as being a guy who really loves feet. 

I knew people would still think I have a fetish but that's okay. That weekend after randomly photographing my friend's feet I was sitting downtown

in my city at night. Up on top of a parking garage. I was just sitting and thinking about life. I was 23 years old going on my 24th birthday. I had no job, no car,

no money, no anything. I was ready to give up. I was tired of gangbanging. I was tired of seeing my friends die in the streets. I was a drop out and I had no idea

what I was going to do. I was working with my dad at his cleaning service, and I helped him on home improvement projects, but the money wasn't enough. 

I sat there listening to music and drinking whiskey, scrolling through Instagram. Then BOOM! That's when it hit me. At the time I had been making music. I thought 

that somehow, I could use the momentum from all the attention I was getting from feet to help boost my music. Two days later I officially started photographing feet as a hobby.

I was making a name for myself. Featuring lots of women from my hometown and I had an Instagram for it. Within two or three weeks I had over 5000 followers.

It wasn't until a month later when I decided to give it a name. I was back downtown sitting on the roof again. The moon had a reddish color to it. I always had 

been fascinated by red moons. In the bible they always had some significance to them. They represented a major event. My "major" event was I was about to change my life.

I grew up in a Christian home. My dad is a preacher. I figured my family would find it strange, but they really didn't. They thought it was funny though and 

told me they should have expected something like it. Afterall, they knew I was infatuated with feet. About a year later I was putting out ads on Craigslist. trying to recruit new models to help my Instagram and Facebook pages grow. I got a DM from a beautiful lady from a nearby city. She asked if she and her daughter could possibly do a photo shoot together. I was nervous to say yes for a couple of reasons: I had never worked with professional models before and I also wasn't very good at taking photos. I also wasn't comfortable working with a teen model. Her daughter was 16 at the time. I knew how people might react if I did. What led to me going along with it was logic. 

I mean it was feet. It's not like it'd be anything wild. So I agreed. After that, I started accepting models 16 and older and then models of all ages. I even featured boys and men for a while. In 2016 I started selling my photo sets. 

Trying to make a little bit of money so I could eat. In the fall of 2016 I started Moonlight Specials. It was to be the sister company of Redmoon. It featured more

adult oriented content and the models there were 18 and older. I still wasn't making a ton of money but I was at least making enough to survive. 

I still wasn't entirely sure what direction I wanted to go. Over the years I tried several things. 

In 2019 I launched Twilight Moon Modeling. Twilight Moon was originally fashion modeling. I featured models from all over the world.

They would wear clothing made by small business brands in their photo sessions. Some of them even walked in small fashion shows around Ohio.

In 2020 I decided to stop doing fashion and Twilight Moon became a part of Redmoon Footmodeling. It would feature models under 16. 

The point of Moonlight Specials being its own entity and having it's own site was because the adult nature of the content. 

I didn't want people associating my young models with it. Redmoon and Twilight Moon were featured together on the same site but 

Twilight Moon had it's own section. The older models could do swimsuit and sexier poses. How they posed and what they wore  depended on their age. 

In summer of 2022 Moonlight Specials went non-nude and Twilight Moon was removed. Along with the junior models I once featured.

In August I got saved (I gave my life to Christ) and I just didn't want to continue featuring nude or overly sexual content. Moonlight Specials

will still feature fetish content though for adults.

I also wanted to drop junior models because it was attracting the wrong attention and gave people the wrong idea.

I wasn't happy with people constantly leaking my content so my original solution was to hide the junior models from the main pages

That way I could monitor who bought them. And it helped keep the girls from being bullied by their peers  and the Karen's from harassing models and their

parents. Redmoon too had some changes. 

I will continue to feature awesome models and create great photo sets and videos. It has been an amazing journey. Even considering the drama that's 

come with it from time-to-time. I appreciate all the support!

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