Some Info About Me
My name is Dae-Dae. I started Silver Wolf Foot Modeling in 2014  as part of a charity event hosted by a shoe company.
The goal was to raise awareness for needy people around the world. At that time I was struggling really bad. I was 23 with no job, no car
no money. One thing lead to another and eventually I started shooting barefoot people as a hobby. I worked with men, women, boys and girls of all ages at the time.
Not long after, I decided to turn it into a hustle. And from there it became a business.
Fast forward to 2024 and now I am the proud owner of the largest and most successful foot-modeling agency in the world!
Since 2014 I have worked with over 1000 different models and I've released hundreds of photo sets and videos.
This has been nothing but a blessing for me. I really appreciate all of the models and all of the customers
who have contributed to making this possible.
The money this generates doesn't just go into improving my own life. It also helps to improve the lives of people around me.
My models are paid well and they're having fun. Because of all the support this gets I am able to do things in my community behind the scenes.
Every year since 2017  SWFM provides hundreds of students with school supplies and other necessities.
Every Thanksgiving we provide meals for dozens of needy families all over the 937 area. 
And when Christmas comes around I choose 10 families and I buy whatever is on their children's lists.
Before this my life didn't have much of a purpose. I am aware of all the hate this gets. I've seen and heard rumors.
But none of that matters to me. I really enjoy my life and I'm thankful for every second of it.
I will continue to create the best foot-modeling content in the world!
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